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Chris Colfer at the New Yorker Festival …Video of the event
Chris Colfer at the New Yorker Festival
Chris Colfer at NYF
Chris Colfer at NYF 2
Maggie Talks to Chris Colfer
Chris Colfer talks about Karofsky’s return to Glee
Quesition: Is Darren Criss a good kisser?
Question: What would you say to those who are stuggling with their identities?
Question: What is your reaction to the gifs on Tumblr?

To all of you that are able to go to Chris’ panel tonight in NY


If you get any SBL news you can share, please do so! We’re eagerly awaiting your tweets/tumblr posts/whatever you can give us.

But please, only do so if you are allowed to.

If they tell you at the beginning to not film things, please don’t. Same for pictures. We don’t want anyone to get into trouble.

Yes, we want to know what’s going on, but we also want to respect Chris and his work, right?

Otherwise we wish you lots and lots of fun. :D